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We are Visionaries who can foresee beyond the realms of traditional Real Estate, BSM Developers Crowning glory ‘New Metro City’ is a timeless and unique product that is to execute at the highest level of luxury and modern elegance. After the successful launch and an overwhelming response from the masses towards our flagship project, Gwadar Golf City in Gwadar, New Metro City will bridge the gap between conventional real estate and a world beyond your imagination. Another signature project from the House of BSM Developers ‘New Metro City’ is located at a historic crossroad between Kharian and Sarai-Alamgir.

BSM Developers believe that when it comes to searching for the perfect home for yourself what lies at the edge of the front door is just as important as what lies behind it. That’s why you can trust us to find you a place of solitude that not only creates harmony in your life but your surroundings as well.


Located in the north of the Punjab Province, Sarai Alamgir isone of the three tehsils of the Gujrat District. In 1976 Sarai Alamgir wasgranted the level of Municipal Committee. After the implementation of PunjabLocal Government ordinance 2001, it was raised to the status of TehsilMunicipal Administration (TMA). In the past, people of influence would build a‘Sarai’ which loosely translated meant caravan stations that consisted of adrinking well, a play area and a resting place for people

Strategicallylocated on the Grand Trunk Road (GT Road) and Jhelum River Sarai Alamgir wasfound by the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb. Over time, Sarai Alamgir developed intoa central town for adjoining village populations. A historic Cross Road SaraiAlamgir witnessed the battle of the Hydaspes that took place between the armiesof Alexander the Great and the Great King Porus as it is located near theancient Alexandrian city of Bucephala and the magnificent Rohtas Fort.

Withtradition and history to its name, Sarai Alamgir participated in the IndusValley Civilization and the Gandhara civilization and is steadily transforminginto a bustling town of modern Residential and commercial housing societiesideal for all your lifestyle requirements.

BSM Developers has given the most luxurious and modern housing projects that have not only captured the attention of everyone but also provides a peaceful and happy environment to the people. Yes, we are talking about two major projects of BSMDevelopers. One is “Gwadar Golf City” in Gwadar’ and another is ‘New Metro City” in Kharian Sarai Alamgir.

As we all know New metro city is providing a lot of facilities including mosques, schools, parks, jogging tracks, top-class security, and shopping malls. Besides these amenities, NMC also has aprime and ideal location, its appealing development, and reasonable prices also enhance and charm its value. After the success of these two projects, BSM Developers is delighted to announce that after two impressive projects, now we are going to launch another project in Gujjar khan.

BSM Developers going to re-introduce New Metro City Gujar Khan in a more vibrant and refined form at a reasonable price. We will try our best to provide all facilities in New Metro City Gujjar Khan as well which will enhance your quality of life and more comfort to your family.

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Witness the vision of ‘NEW METRO CITY’ unfold before your eyes as we take you on a journey within a world of perfection.




New Metro City is Approved by Tehsil Municipal Administration.



The Grand Jamia Mosque construction in New Metro City.



Now you never have to worry about power outages again.



A Smart City for A Smarter and Sustainable Future



Multiplex Cinema for the best experience in movies Viewing.


Wide main boulevard and wide streets.

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A force to be reckoned with BSM Developers is swiftly carving their way in the Real Estate Industry churning out successful projects one after the other. A Legacy that started with Bilal Steel Mills and Gwadar Golf City, one of their latest accomplishments include a Smart Housing Project on the road of our heritage and culture. Located on Main GT Road Kharian- Sarai Alamgir’ New Metro City’ is one of the most luxurious and modern housing project that has captured the attention of ever real estate inventor nationwide as well as globally.