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About us

Our workforce is composed of qualified sales representatives who can give you advice on the best homes or real estate investment opportunities. We will help you buy your dream property in Islamabad Rawalpindi. The Twin Cities offers a wide range of real estate.

CEO Message

A businessperson and corporate reformer who has worked to advance the property development industry. Because the last few years haven’t been particularly brilliant, we want to let you know about “Melbourne Marketing,” which we’ll be developing for real estate innovation. We are also increasing the trust element in the land business. It has a negative reputation among observers since many people have developed scams and techniques for the impoverished.

In any case, we work long hours every day and night to advance this vocation. We are confident that we can win over our customers’ hearts and minds by positioning ourselves as a cutting-edge option.


One of Pakistan’s top real estate marketing companies is what we hope to become as we expand and advance.
By creating a cutting-edge and simple-to-use platform, we hope to increase the world’s resourcefulness.We always try to help our
investors to create and access real estate properties that meet their demands through an easy-to-use platform for real estate. We encourage a knowledge-based business through maximum facilitation and proficiency.

Our Goals

  • Analyzing the property’s investment suitability for the investor’s request is one of our main objectives.
  • Advancing the idea of investment and progress.
  • We are developing feasibility assessments in terms of finances and administration.
  • We are considering potential issues and dangers.
  • We are developing strategies and tactics for investing.

Our Team

We have recruited the best talent from all walks of life, because without a dedicated and passionate team of professionals, success would not be possible. Each of our team members plays a key role in making dream come true and believes in a shared mission to revolutionize real estate. From the marketing team to consultants, salespeople, Office Attendants, and Everyone else is doing their best for the cause.

Director Marketing

In the era of digital conversion and dependency it is compulsory to reform your business digitally in order to make it global. Being Marketing Director of Melbourne Marketing my only goal is to make real estate easy to understand and accessible for everyone worldwide and provide them with best consultancy about their Real Estate related questions on their gadgets at their places .

We will make sure to produce content to which not only our audience can easily relate but find it easy to understand as well . The problem Digital Content Creators are facing today is that they can not relate to their audience but from the platform of Melbourne Marketinging we will overcome this gap and take Real Estate Business one step ahead in the era of advancement .

Director Finance

Giving Real Estate Sector another identity is the key goal of our’s . My vision is to make this firm “One Stop Solution” for Real Estate . Our purpose is to provide everyone with the best consultancy and a clear picture of the market so that they may be able to decide where they should invest their money .

We are a Real Estate Consultant who’s only focus is to aware you and provide you complete guidelines at your doorsteps . Making things convenient for everyone. We work on your dreams.

Why Choose Us

We Value Integrity

We believe in honesty, integrity, and respecting our clients. We don’t believe in applying a one-size-fits-all tactic to each client.

We Put Customers First

Maintaining a customer-centric focus is our priority. We are truly committed to our clients by showing up on time & going above & beyond for our clients.

We are Professionalism

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we’ve committed Accountability

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