Torrenting is a common method of obtaining digital multimedia, but you will discover risks and regulations which can impact the privacy and security. Your IP address could be tracked, your P2P activity can be monitored, as well as your real location can be used against you – all of which can make you a prime goal for online crooks and vicious websites.

Luckily, the best VPN for torrenting can look after your data by being tracked and help you enjoy your downloads without having to bother about legal or malicious interest. To find the best VPN for torrenting, look for a services with fast download rates and powerful security features.

NordVPN : Panama-based, this top decision makes neither connection nor targeted traffic logs, uses 256-bit AES encryption with perfect onward secrecy by default, and comes with an automated eliminate switch and DNS leak protection. Rates of speed are lightning fast due to NordLynx, a unique VPN technology that optimizes connections.

PrivateVPN : This new service includes a more compact network, but it really still offers great reliability and torrenting speeds. It works in Chinese suppliers and other countries with stern censorship devices, unblocks ALL OF US and UK Netflix and Amazon Key Video coming from abroad, and secures the P2P activities with 256-bit AES security and perfect ahead secrecy.

Surfshark – This product is inexpensive and has got plenty of reliability features, including RAM-only hosting space and perfect onward secrecy. It also includes CleanWeb, a P2P-friendly ad blocker that blocks pop-up and harmful ads about popular BitTorrent sites.

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